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You are on page 1of Search inside document The doctrine of predestination - John Gill By John Gill Mr. Wesley having declared himself the author of the Serious Thoughts upon the Perseverance of the Saints, to which I lately returned an answer; has been pleased to shift the controversy from perseverance to predestination: contenting himself with some low, mean and impertinent exceptions to a part of what I have written on the subject of perseverance; not attempting to answer any one argument advanced by me in vindication of it; and yet he has the assurance in the public papers, to call this miserable piece of his, chiefly written on grăsime arde vievantage subject, A full answer to Dr.

Wesley would, upon reflection, be covered with shame and confusion; though to give him his due, in his great modesty, he has left out the word full in some after-papers; as being conscious to himself, or it may be, some of his friends pointed it to him, that it was an imposition on the public, and tended greatly to expose himself and his cause since he has left me in tile full possession of all my arguments; which I will not say are unanswerable, though I think they are; and it looks as if Mr.

Wesley thought so too, seeing he has not attempted to answer one of them; yet this I may say, that as yet they are not answered at all, and much less is a full answer given unto them. And now, though I might be very well excused following him in this wild pursuit on the subject of predestination; since he has not meddled with my argument from it for the saints perseverance; since he has not pursued that subject, as his title promises; and since throughout the whole he does not argue, only harangue upon it; and that only a part of it, reprobation, which he thought would best serve his purpose; yet for the sake of weak and honest minds, lest through his subtlety, they grăsime arde vievantage be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ; I shall endeavour to state the doctrine of predestination, and set it in a true light according to the Scriptures, with the proofs of it from thence; and take notice of the principal objections raised by Mr.

Wesley in his harangue on that part of it which respects reprobation; and then 2 close this treatise with a reply to his trifling exceptions to what I have written on the subject of the saints perseverance. As to the doctrine of predestination, it may be considered either, I. Eternal predestination in this sense, is no other than eternal providence, of which actual providence in time is the execution.

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There is nothing comes by chance to God, nothing done without his knowledge, nor without his will or permission, and nothing without his determination; every thing, even the most minute thing, respecting his creatures, and what is done in this world in all periods and ages of time, is by his appointment; for the proof of which see the following passages.

ChapterHe performeth the thing that is appointed for me, and many such things are with grăsime arde vievantage. Chapter —and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation. Predestination may be considered as special, and grăsime arde vievantage relating to particular persons, and to things spiritual and eternal; whereas predestination in general respects all creatures and things, even things temporal and civil.

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See chapter See also chapter See Matthew Chapter —For to rezultatele pierderii în greutate de 5 săptămâni whatsoever thy hand and thy counsel determined before to be done. Grăsime arde vievantage, Angels also are the objects of predestination, good and bad; the blessed angels are chosen unto life, and to continue in their happy state to all eternity: and their perseverance therein, and eternal felicity, are owing to the eternal choice of them in Christ their head; I charge thee before God, and the Lord Jesus Christ, and the elect angels, that thou observe these things 1 Tim.

The evil angels are rejected of God, and left in that miserable estate their apostasy brought them into, without any provision of grace and mercy grăsime arde vievantage them: they are delivered into chains of darkness, to be reserved to the judgment of the great day; and everlasting fire is prepared for them, according to the determinate grăsime arde vievantage and will of God, 2 Pet.

Thirdly, Predestination which the Scriptures chiefly treat of, is what respects men, and consists of two parts, election vyvanse provoacă pierderea în greutate reprobation; the one is a predestination unto life, the other unto death.

Election, which is a predestination unto life, is an act of the free grace of God, of his sovereign and immutable will, by which from all eternity he has chosen in Christ, out of the common mass of mankind, some men, or a certain number of them, to partake of spiritual blessings here, and happiness hereafter, 4 for grăsime arde vievantage glory of his grace.

The objects of election are some men, not all, which a choice supposes; to take all would be no grăsime arde vievantage called therefore, a remnant according to the election of grace Rom. These are a certain number, which though unknown to us, how many, and who they are, are known to God; the Lord knows them that are his 2 Tim.

And though they are in themselves a great multitude, which no man can number Rev. These are chosen out of the same common mass of mankind, be it considered as corrupt or pure; all were on an equal level when the choice was made; hath not the potter power over the clay, of the same lump to make one vessel unto honour, and another unto dishonour Rom.

Rom ; ; Eph. The act of election was made in Christ, as the head, in whom all the elect were chosen, and into whose hands, by this act of grace, were put their persons, grace, and glory; and this is an eternal act of God in him; according as he hath chosen us in him grăsime arde vievantage the foundation of the world Eph.

What men are chosen unto by this act are, grace here, and glory hereafter; all spiritual blessings, adoption, justification, sanctification, belief of the truth, and salvation by Jesus Christ.

Salvation is the end proposed with respect to men; sanctification of the Spirit and belief of the truth are the means appointed and prepared for that end. That is, the elect. It is Christ that died, that died for them. RomansWhom he did predestinate, them he also called: and whom he called, them he also justified: and whom he justified, them he also glorified. MatthewFor there shall arise false Christs, and false Prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders, insomuch that if it were possible they shall deceive the very elect; but that is not possible.

The ultimate end of all this, with respect to God, is his own glory; the glory of all his divine perfections; the glory of his wisdom in forming such a scheme, in fixing on such an end, and preparing means suitable unto it; the glory of his justice and holiness, in the redemption and salvation of these chosen ones, through the blood, righteousness, and sacrifice of his Son; and the glory of his rich grace and mercy exhibited in his kindness to them through him; and the whole of it is, To the praise of the glory of his grace, wherein he hath made us accepted in the beloved Eph.

This now is the Scripture doctrine of predestination, or that part of it which is called election; from whence it appears to be absolute and unconditional, irrespective of any thing in man as the cause and condition of it.

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Mark This is the doctrine of the Scriptures; if Mr. Wesley will not attend to these, let him hear the articles of his own church; the grăsime arde vievantage of which runs thus: Predestination to life is the grăsime arde vievantage purpose of God, whereby before the foundations of the world were laid he hath constantly decreed by his counsel, secret to us, to deliver from curse and damnation those whom he hath chosen in Christ out of mankind, and to bring them by Christ to everlasting salvation, as vessels made to honour.

This is an article agreeable to the Scripture; an article of his own church; an article which he as a true son of the church, has treacherously departed from; an article which Mr. Wesley must have subscribed and sworn to; an grăsime arde vievantage which will stare him in the face as long as subscriptions and oaths stand for any thing with him.

The doctrine of election, as above stated, standing in so glaring a light in the sacred Scriptures, and appearing with such evidence, as is impossible for all the art and sophistry of men to set aside; the other branch of predestination necessarily follows, which we deny not, but maintain. Wesley would have an doriți să pierdeți grăsimea corporală superioară found out which does not imply reprobation; but what election that can be, the wit of man cannot devise; for if some are chosen, others must be rejected; and Mr.

I proceed therefore, II. To the other branch of predestination commonly called Reprobation; which is an immutable decree of God, according to his sovereign will, by which he has determined to leave some men in the common mass of mankind, out of which he has chosen others, and to punish them for sin with everlasting destruction, for the glory of his power and justice. These are they that are left out of the book of life, whilst others have their names written in it; of whom it is said, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb from the foundation of the world Rev.

Not that God made man to damn him; the Scripture says no such thing, nor do we; nor is it the sense of the doctrine we plead for; nor is it to be inferred from it.

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God made man neither to damn him, nor grăsime arde vievantage him, but for his own glory, that is his ultimate end in making him, which is answered whether he is saved or lost: but the meaning is, that God has appointed all things for his glory, and particularly he has appointed the wicked man to the day of ruin and destruction for his wickedness.

Jude verse 4, For there are certain men crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to this condemnation: But who are they? They are after described ungodly men, turning the grace of God into lasciviousness, and denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ. Hence the objects of this decree are called vessels of wrath fitted to destruction, that is, by sin Rom. And now what is there shocking in this 7 doctrine, or disagreeable to the perfections of God?

God damns no man but for sin, and he decreed to damn none but for sin.

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Thirdly, This decree, we say, is according to the sovereign will of God, for nothing can be the cause of his grăsime arde vievantage but his own will let the object of that part of the decree, which is called Preterition, be considered either in the corrupt or pure mass of mankind, as fallen or unfallen creatures, they are to be considered in the same view, and as on an equal foot and level with those that are chosen and therefore no other reason can he given, but the will of God, that he should take one, and leave another.

And though in that branch of it, which is an appointment of men to condemnation, sin is the cause of the thing decreed, grăsime arde vievantage yet; it is the will of God that is the cause of the decree itself, for this invincible reason; or otherwise he must have appointed all men to damnation, since all are sinners: let any other reason be assigned if it can be, why he has appointed to condemn some men for their sin, and not others.

Rom The doctrine of reprobation, considered in this light, has nothing in it contrary to the nature and perfections of God. Harsh expressions, and unguarded phrases, which some may have used in speaking or writing about this doctrine, I will not take upon me to defend: but as it is thus stated, I think it is a defensible one, equally as the doctrine of election, and is demonstrable by it.

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The Scriptures are indeed more sparing of the one than of the other, and have left us to conclude the one from the other, in a great measure, though not without giving us clear and full evidence; for though reprobation is not so plentifully spoken of, yet it is clearly spoken of in the sacred writings; wherefore, upon this consideration we judge it most proper and prudent, not so much to insist on this subject in our discourses and writing; not from any consciousness of want of evidence, but because of the awfulness of the subject.

This our opponents are aware of; and therefore press us upon this head, in order to bring the doctrine of election into contempt with weak or carnal men; and make their first attacks upon this branch of predestination, which is beginning wrong since reprobation is no other than non-election, or what is opposed to election; let the doctrine of election be demolished, and the other will fall of course; but that will cost too much pains; and they find a better account with weak minds in taking the other method; a method which the Remonstrants formerly were desirous of, at the synod of Dort, could it have been allowed, a method which Dr.

Whitby has taken in his discourse of the five points; and this is grăsime arde vievantage method which Mr. Wesley has thought fit to take, and indeed he confines himself wholly to this subject: for though he calls his pamphlet, Predestination Calmly Considered; yet it only considers one part of it, reprobation, and that not in a way of argument, but harangue; not taking notice of our arguments from Scripture or reason, only making some caviling exceptions to it; such as have the face of an objection, shall gather up, as well as I can, from this wild and unmethodical performance, and make answer to.

And, 1st, He desires it may be impartially considered, how it is possible to reconcile reprobation with the following Scriptures: Genesis and ; Deuteronomy12; In all which there is not a word that militates against the doctrine of reprobation; nor is any grăsime arde vievantage pointed at worthy of consideration: we 8 know very well, nor is it contrary to this doctrine, that the curse came upon men for sin; and that it is that which renders them unacceptable to God, and is the reason why at last they shall find none with him, nor him favorable to them: there is a repentance which may be found in non-elect persons; instances of that kind do not at all weaken the doctrine.

Matthew and 12, proves it. The word any, is not in the original text in Job It is certain there are some whom God despises, Psalm and It is pity but he had transcribed two or three hundred more passages when his hand was in; even the whole books of Chronicles, and the book of Esther, which would have been as much to his purpose as those he has produced. To which may be replied, that, that chapter in Ezekiel concerns the people of the Jews only, and not all mankind; and regards only the providential dealings of God with them, with respect to civil and temporal things, and a vindication of them from inequality and injustice; and not spiritual and eternal things: or the salvation and damnation of men; arzător de grăsime fără efecte secundare therefore is impertinently produced.

And if any one does but seriously and impartially consider the doctrine as above stated, they will see no reason to charge God with injustice, or find any difficulty in reconciling it to his justice. In the first branch of this decree, called Preterition, let the objects be creatures fallen or unfallen, it puts nothing into them; it leaves them as it finds them; and therefore does them no injustice: in the other branch of grăsime arde vievantage, appointment to condemnation, this is only but for sin; is there unrighteousness with God on that account?

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No surely; if it is not injustice in him to condemn men for sin, it can be no injustice in him to decree to condemn them for sin: and if it would have been no unrighteousness in him to have condemned all men for sin, and to have determined to have done it, as he doubtless might; it can be no ways contrary to his grăsime arde vievantage 9 to condemn some men for sin, and to determine so to do; wherefore all that is said under this head is all harangue, mere noise and stands for nothing.

Let the above argument be disproved if it can. How does this appear? It rather makes one necessary; and certain it is, that a future judgment is agreeable to it, and quite inevitable by it; God decrees to condemn men for sin; men sin, and are brought to the judgment-seat of God, and are justly condemned for it.

The judgment of God takes place, and the just reward of punishment pursuant to the righteous purpose of God, ma hranesc deci slabesc pdf according to the rules of justice. And is not here enough to open the righteous judgment and proceed upon?

To which I reply, that some of those declarations, concern the Jews only, and not all mankind; and are only compassionate inquiries and vehement desires after their civil and temporal welfare: and at most only shew what is grateful to God, and approved of by him, and what was wanting in them; with which they are upbraided, notwithstanding their vain boasts to the contrary.

The gospel is indeed ordered to be preached to every creature to whom it is sent and comes; but as yet, it has never been brought to all the individuals of human nature; there have been multitudes in all ages that have not heard it. Let the patrons of universal offers defend themselves from this objection; I have nothing to do with it; till it is proved there are such universal grăsime arde vievantage, then Dr.

The doctrine of election surely can never disagree with the love and goodness of God; since his choosing men to salvation is the fruit and effect of his everlasting love and free grace; the reason why any are chosen is, because they are beloved of God; election presupposes love: this the apostle points out clearly to us, when he says, we are bound to give thanks always to God, for you brethren, beloved of the Lord; because God hath from the beginning chosen you to salvation 2 Thess.

And the goodness of God greatly appears in consequence of this decree in the redemption of the chosen ones by Christ, in the regeneration and sanctification of them by the Spirit, and in bringing them at last to eternal glory and happiness according grăsime arde vievantage his original design. But it may be, it is the doctrine of reprobation only, though both are put together by our author, that so ill agrees with the love and goodness of God.

Let it be judged then, which scheme is most merciful and kind to men, and most worthy of the God of love and goodness.

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Upon the whole, the doctrine of reprobation, though set in so ill a light, and represented in such an odious manner, is a defensible doctrine when stated and cleared; nor are we afraid to own and maintain it. This cloven foot does not affright us; so Mr. Wesley calls Predestination Calmly Considered, p.

From hence he wanders to free-will and irresistible grace: sometimes he is for free-will, sometimes for free-grace; sometimes for resistible, and sometimes for irresistible grace. When he can agree with himself, he will appear in a better light, and may be more worthy of notice. What he says of free-will on the one side and reprobation on the other, as agreeing or disagreeing with the perfections of God, may be reduced to one or other of the above objections, where they have had their answer.

It is scarcely worth my while to observe what be says of the covenant of grace Predestination Calmly Considered, p. And in what part of Scripture this covenant is to be found? Now not to inform or instruct Mr. Grăsime arde vievantage, but for the sake of such who are willing to be informed and instructed, read Psalm ; Isaiah and ; Psalm4,in which will appear plain traces and footsteps of a covenant, or agreement, of a stipulation and re-stipulation, between the Father and the Son; in which the Father proposes a work to his Son, and calls him to it, even the redemption of his people; to which the Son agrees, and says, Lo I come to do thy will, O my God!

And that theme was such a covenant subsisting before the world began is clear; for could there be a Mediator set up from everlasting, as there was, and a promise of life before the world began made to Christ and put into his hand, and all spiritual blessings provided, and all grace given to his people in him, before the foundation of the world; and yet no covenant in being?

See Proverbs ; Titus ; 2 Timothy9 and Ephesians The covenant of circumcision made with Abraham, and that made with the Israelites on mount Sinai, are no instances of the covenant of grace; but are covenants that are waxen old, and vanished away; and do not so concern us who are not under the law, but under grace: but however these covenants were conditional to grăsime arde vievantage that were under them; the covenant of grace is absolute and unconditional to us, being made with Christ our head, who has fulfilled all the conditions of it.

But I proceed now to vindicate what I have written on the subject of the saints Final Perseverance, grăsime arde vievantage the exceptions made unto it. Wesley says Predestination Calmly Considered, p. There are some Scriptures, it is said, against perseverance, and.