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    Healing the soul, feeding the body Nutritionist Lavinia Dinca Subscribe Your wellbeing guide How many of us have kept weight loss diets just because they were trendy?

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    Or tended to say 'Starting tomorrow I'll eat clean and go to the gym'? How many of us think about preventing diseases through what we put on the plate and make fat burn popeye correlation between disease and the food that we eat? My name is Lavinia Dincă, nutritionist and passionate about healthy eating, personal development and human behavior.

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    I want to create an online environment from which you can easily access information about nutrition, sports and healthy lifestyle. Together we will analyze books and studies about nutrition and human behavior, we will understand why it is good to consume certain types of food at the expense of others and what can emotionally block us to do what we want.

    Sometimes tomorrow may be too late.

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    Let's change our habits and attitude starting NOW! Nutrition Here you will find practical tips on what healthy eating means and how we can give up eating habits that hurt us physically, mentally and ultimately make us sick. Recipes And how to finish the story without visiting the kitchen?

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    Another passion I want to share with you is creating recipes that please both the body and the soul.